There are an infinite number of
questions, answers, possibilities, solutions

Identification with one
means excluding all others

Excluding all others
means limiting yourself

Limiting yourself
means hurting yourself

You are without limits;
that is why living anything else
hurts like hell …



Pain is the fuel for the painbody, that resides in human bodies.
The painbody can not help to feed on pain: more pain is a growing painbody.

When the painbody can not feed on pain any more, it will die.
When it dies, who you really are can emerge.

Think about this
when you feel the painbody in you rising;
When you feel the painbody in the people around you:
children, partner, parents ….
Do not act out
Be still and go in
and find
Yourself …



No word

No word

When you think you are something:
a christian, a muslim, a jew, a buddhist, a hindu,
an atheist, a carpenter, a painter, a writer, a friend,
a man, a woman, a child, a mother, a father, …

And when you believe that you are what you think you are,
You can go inside and do this meditation:

Without using your
thoughts, memories, associations, perceptions, emotions,

are you a christian, not a christian or neither

Be still and wait what comes up …

And do it with the next and the next and the next …

No word can describe what you are;
no word; no word; no word …