… that it is the nothingness, born out of trust, which the horses follow …

always present
sometimes burried
under blinding somethingness

always present
sometimes burried
under deafening fullness

Born from nothingness and emptiness
you walk your way
over mountains and through valleys
to find you again
where you never left
in nothingness and emptiness …



What is the opposite of spirituality?
What is spirituality?

What is the opposite of spiritual?
What is spiritual?

Is spiritual better than non-spiritual?
Is non-spiritual better than spiritual?

Every word we use is a concept.

Lost in words and concepts
I make my own world
untill I open my eyes,
see the sun, blink,
and am amazed by all the outside colours
that I see inside

Without words and concepts
I am the world.
And with my eyes closed
I see the beauty
of emptiness …