Wonderwalk 10 year

Searching: who am i?
Finding: I am the I Am

Searching: what is god?
Finding: God is I Am

Searching: who is the other?
Finding: Other is I Am

Searching:what is the world?
Finding: World is I Am

Searching: what is life?
Finding: Life is I Am

Searching: what is death?
Finding: Death is I Am …



What was born, will die
you, me, earth, sun, universe
no exception

It will die
on the exact time
it is supposed to die

And there is something
that will not die
intuition, which is internal wisdom, tells us

That something
which is Evolutionary Impuls, Consciousness, God, Primordial Energy
or whatever name you give it
was there in the beginning
and will be there at the end
which is a new beginning
of the wave of Manifestation …

Come and go

Waves, sea, rock

You came and went
and sometimes I believed
that you would only come
and never go away

And suddenly I understood
that coming here and going there
are one and the same, of course,
that no one comes or goes

That I’m the space in which
the coming and the going passes
That I’m not that what comes and goes
that I am that what is …


For Sam

Poem for Sam, my little puppydog, died on May 5th.

 The stones that were layed out
for me by the deep sea
They softly form the forms
that need to be there now

Untill the sea will take
what no one ever had
Like we will ever go
to where we never were

Goodbye my little Sam
goodbye my little flash
you came as rustlewind
And went as dapplewaves

The sea takes all your forms
to caring deepest depths
like you take me still with you
to where no depth exist …

for Sam




He looked up and opened his eyes. Everything was cristal clear; as if everything had been polished. He saw the tiniest details: the grains of sand glistening on the ground, the feelers of the butterfllies, the stamens of the flowers. And he saw the grandiosity: the little dots that were the planets and the stars, the space beyond the universe, the Grand Beginning.

And yet, he just sat in the kitchen at the table. Somewhere deep in the depths of his body, it felt as if a huge rock had shifted. Every word he wanted to use to describe what had happened deep inside of him, failed. He layed down his head in his hands and tears dripped on the table. Enormous gratitude and joy flowed through him. Liquid goldglow and silver brilliance took the place of where dark cold mist had lived inside of him.

He rose to tell about death that leads to life and was crucified.
Then he rose for the second time to tell that death and life don’t exist. A few people understood.
The third time he rose, he looked around with gratitude and didn’t have to tell anything. He knew that everybody Knew …



If life is holy
And death is helly
How would it be for us
When nothing ever dies?

How would it be for us
If death is holy too
How would that be for you?

Would death be there in joy
Like life is there in joy
Would you be free of fear
That death you sometimes brings?

Could death be life as well
And birth also be dying
And you for ever being
From which all’s ever born …