The more diseases we discover
The more pathogens we find
The more we come to realize
That the body will die

The desire to be immortal
The desire to live a long life
The desire for health
Originate from the intuitive feeling
That there is some”thing” in us
That is immortal

This some”thing” is not a thing
It has no qualities you can perceive
It is always present and aware
It never leaves you

What is the “thing” that is always there?
What was there when you were
a child
a teenager
a grown up
a senior

When you were
happy or sad
sick or healthy
stressed or relaxed?

The “I” was and is always there
And you can call “Me”
The Great Unknown

I have no name
I have no form
and yet
I have all names
I have all forms

And I
the Love
Life …


The sun, the moon, the stars, the universe,
the wind, the rain, the sky, the clouds,
the tree, the flower,
the animals,
mirror back
the impersonal
in Me

Some animals,
Most humans,
mirror back
the personal
in me
and Me

And I
feel totally at home

in the Impersonal company
of the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe,
the wind, the rain, the sky, the clouds,
the tree, the flower,
the animals …



one name
one word
for all multiplicity and diversity
of all creation

no I and the world
no you and me
just one radiant experience
of all creation

one name
one word
for all creation …

Conversation avec Dieu

Manifesto for you Luberon

Je crois en Dieu

Oui, et …?

Comment ça: oui, et …?

Que signifie: Je crois en Dieu?

Que je soutiens ce que Dieu nous a raconté

Quest-ce que Dieu nous a raconté?

Nous ne pouvons pas voler, tuer, divorcer: toutes ces choses comme-là

Et tout cela est-il en accord avec tout ce que tu ressens en toi?


Y-a-t’il quelque chose qui n’est pas en harmonie avec ce que tu ressens?

Au fond, non; sauf les choses que je ne comprends pas

Quoi par exemple?

Aime tes ennemis

Oui, c’est difficile a comprendre. Comment le comprends-tu?

C’est comme si je dois approuver tout ce qu’ils font

Crois-tu que ç’est cela la signification?

Je ne vois pas ce qu’elle pourrait être autrement

Trouves-tu que tout ce que Dieu fait est bon?

Oui, …. ou alors, au fond : non

Qu’est ce que tu ne trouves pas bien?

Il y a la faim, la mort, la peur, le meurtre

Et pourtant tu crois en Dieu?


Qu’est ce que tu trouves bien?

Il y a l’amour, la nature, le respect. Des choses comme ça

Y-aurait-il de l’amour, si tu ne connaissais pas la haine?


Y aurait-il ‘ami’ s’il n’y avait pas ‘ennemi’?


Y aurait-il le bien sans le mal?


Qui penses-tu être?

Je ne le sais pas encore. Qui es-tu?

Je suis Dieu,  comme toi

Wonderwalk 10 year

Searching: who am i?
Finding: I am the I Am

Searching: what is god?
Finding: God is I Am

Searching: who is the other?
Finding: Other is I Am

Searching:what is the world?
Finding: World is I Am

Searching: what is life?
Finding: Life is I Am

Searching: what is death?
Finding: Death is I Am …



What was born, will die
you, me, earth, sun, universe
no exception

It will die
on the exact time
it is supposed to die

And there is something
that will not die
intuition, which is internal wisdom, tells us

That something
which is Evolutionary Impuls, Consciousness, God, Primordial Energy
or whatever name you give it
was there in the beginning
and will be there at the end
which is a new beginning
of the wave of Manifestation …

I am not good enough

I am not good enough

When I believe the thought
“I am not good enough”
When this belief
becomes my norm
When this norm
leads my behavior:
I murder you
so I feel good
I do bigger, more, bigger, more, bigger, more, more than you
So I feel good
and I do not care
if you feel good

The human species will vanish from this planet in the end
Even the sun will die

Till then,
“I am not good enough” rules
and murders, rapes, violates, tortures,
every living being
and its own species

We can never know what will happen
We can take steps ourselves
Now …
And let Compassion, Care, Tenderness, Love, and Truth
rule our inner world
until our end of time …



Praying is discovering and seeing, in ourselves, that we are light, innocence, peace. Prayer mirrors to us that we are innocent, fragile, little, helpless. It enables us to connect with the innocence in ourselves, the fragility, the littleness, the helplessness. When we pray we briefly allow ourselves to kneel down, to be still, to be emptiness in the presence of the light that we are. When we pray we connect with our possibility to give and to receive.

The secret of praying is so small that it is so big. It is everything that is born in you, all the time. And sometimes it helps us to see that. Dear child, you are the Child and God and Love and Light and Truth, for ever … Amen …