When God closes a door, he somewhere opens a window ...

When God closes a door, he somewhere opens a window ...



Just like there are no “bad” people, there are no “bad” dogs.
Asking yourself the question, that’s when there starts a change that is unbelievable, for you and your dog.
That question can be:
Why do I do this?
Why does my dog do this?
Or it can be thousands of other questions.

And the answer to the questions is: because you do what you do, and also: because the dog does what he does.

The conditioning and programming in humans, ourselves, and in all the other animals, makes us do what we do. As long as humans are not aware of this conditioning, change is hardly possible. As long as humans are unaware of the interaction between their conditioning wiith the conditioning of the dog, there is -most of the time- a stressful situation for dog and human.

A dog who tears the house down when you are away, a dog who pulls you on the lead through the park, a dog who is barking all the time, a dog who harrases visitors, a biting dog, a frightened dog: all examples of results of interactions between human and dog.

The traditional dogtraining works, most of the time, only on the behaviour of the dog. In the most extreme case dogtrainers work with shockcollars, waterbombs, citronellaspray and a lot more torture instruments.

The doglistener works indirectly on the dog’s behaviour. By working with the owner of the dog on the increasing of the insight in the conditioning of the dog, the owner’s behaviour towards the dog changes radically. And as a result of that, the behaviour of the dog changes radically. Insight is the most powerful step towards change. And that applies to humans and dogs. Gaining insight is the most effective. loving and wonderous way to work with dogs (and humans). That wonderous “dogtraining” reveals a miracle; the miracle you knew it existed, somewhere …

Did you ever ask yourself:
What do I want from my dog?
And did you seek for the real answers in you?
Now is your chance.

To make an appointment for a consultation:
Christine Dun
certified doglistener
+31 (0)528 331312

You and your dog are so welcome!!!!

The consultation lasts for 2-4 hours in your home. After the consultation you recieve life lasting backup.

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