Playing words


Playing with words is playing with thoughts. Playing with thoughts is playing with yourself. For what else are you than your thoughts about yourself? You are that untill the moment comes that you discover that you are not who you think you are. Then, suddenly or slowly, you realize that you are that which is beyond every thought you have about what you are. You are the silent space in which everything appears. And you are that in which this silent space appears. You are it all. All is you and you are all.

Play with these words. Read them the way they are, exchange the words in the sentences and FEEL in your body what happens there.

Light is unbearable for who wants to live in darkness.
Freedom is unbearable for who wants to live in pain.
Truth is unbearable for who wants to live in untruth.
Reality is unbearable for who wants to live in iluusion.
Connectiveness is unbearable for who wants to live in isolation.
Silence is unbearable for who wants to live in noise.
Openess is unbearable for who wants to live in closedness.
Love is unbearable for who wants to live in fear.

What is the meaning of thoses sentences? You can find the meaning in what they bring about in you. The meaning is the experience they give you. They can help you to -let’s call it- smoothen the process of waking up that has started in you. In Dutch we have the expression: a supple mind. A supple mind is an open mind. An open mind investigates anything without any previous assumptions. An open mind finds its home in the heart. When the mind is open, the heart can speak. And your heart speaks in a feeling, an image, a sensation. When the mind is open for all possibilities, the heart can give its answer to the mind. This way we come in touch with the enormous intelligence that we are. And this way we use the mind for the purpose of the immense intelligence of the heart. And yes, what I describe are also only images and words pointing towards something. I suggest you read them with your heart. When they resonate somewhere in you, it means that your mind is open and your heart can tell your mind all the answers. An open heart is only possible with an open mind. I cannot tell you how you can open your mind. It just happens, suddenly, spontaneous, with a little hole. It is called Grace, so we think. When the opening is there, when the process has started, then there is no way back. No way back to the old and familiar; the old way of doing; the old consciousness.

When you, your thinking mind, dares play with words, then it dares play with thoughts and eventually with itself. I do that in the little pieces on the homepage of this site: I play with words. One time it will give you stillness inside, the other time maybe a smile, or resistence, irritation. And that is the same what everything and everybody in the whole world brings about in you. So many kind of words, so many kind of people, animals, skies, clouds …

Sometimes it feels like you need a little courage to start playing. We have thoughts we have believed for such a long time. That could be scary sometimes. Be gentle with yourself. You know what you can handle. Nobody can tell you that. It seems that after playing for a while, weeks, months, years, there is not much left anymore of what you believed in. That is right, in a way. The dense, sometimes impenetratable thoughtstructure will dissolve and with that goes the fog, the darkness, the harshness. And then what always was there, hidden under piles of rubbish and dung, can surface: Light, Clarity, Gentleness.


Through the clarity, the light in you, you can see the clarity and light in everybody else. It becomes possible to see through the thick layers of conditioning and see the Light; see who that person really is. You will know that whatever a person does, or what a person wants you to believe he or she is, is not who he really is. You will know when another person irritates you that it is your “outside” that is irritated by the “outside” of the other person. 

The most beautiful gift there is when the Light in you is there, that no more words are needed to be connected with the Light in the other person. We are the same Light. We play in the Light. We are made of the Light.

And in this last paragraph you can replace the word Light by: Truth, Freedom, Openess, Stillness. Or you choose a word that means a lot for you: Compassion, Love, anything. Play with it, precious child of God and come home in That what you always was: living loving Light, silent Truth, vulnerable Openess. Blessings on your journey to You.

One thought on “Playing words

  1. Howdy, i just happened across yyour page and writing…Beautiful! I can relate to where you’re pointing…I also love the photo’s!
    i take a few photo’s myself, and have been putting some writing on a blog, and maybe some photo’s too.

    Love to you you you


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