Pain is the fuel for the painbody, that resides in human bodies.
The painbody can not help to feed on pain: more pain is a growing painbody.

When the painbody can not feed on pain any more, it will die.
When it dies, who you really are can emerge.

Think about this
when you feel the painbody in you rising;
When you feel the painbody in the people around you:
children, partner, parents ….
Do not act out
Be still and go in
and find
Yourself …





You never ever hurt me
Although I did believe that
What I told me about you
That hurt-ed so intense

Now finally all my stories
Returned to where they came from
And warm light winds start whispering
The new ones in my ears

Soft rains fall now upon me
And cherish and caress me
And new words gentle land
In open fertile soil …