Life is the wordless beauty
present in the stillness

of freshly fallen snow …

When you see it, you will be ready for it …

What ever you think you are doing is fine with Me;
it’s just Me having a human experience …

Death is a beautiful place to BE …


Living ‘enlightened’ is pretty dull …

Limitless vulnerability is invulnerable …

To whom belongs the earth …?

How can I be
what comes and goes …

You never hurt me,
My story about you hurt me …

Only in a cristal clear mirror, you can see YOU.

If God is everything, then who hates whom?

I AM and I AM NOT that is the answer :-))

No concepts, no words,
No words, just stillness …


Everything touches everything always everywhere

The empty mind can receive Grace

Who is searching and who wants to find?

In a still and open mind
the heart resounds deafening

You are part of that
what is working through you

As long as you think that you do what you do
then that what is doing you is hidden for you

what you think
you want to be

It takes no courage
to be who you are

Filled with enormous gratitude
I realize
that I made Me

Be still
And the truth
Will take you
Under her wings


Meeting openess can be so frightening
That you flee to isolation

A real relationship is possible
When you don’t have a relationship with yourself anymore …

Do you really want to have everything from me
To find nothing?

You can not find what you never lost
You only think you find what you thougt you lost

Walk hand in hand with truth
To Love inside your heart

If you don’t believe what the other says about you
You haven’t found that in you yet

Be with you
and everyone follows …


It lets go of you
when you are no longer there to let go

Fear, not hate,
is the opposite of love

Living Love
is so different from
talking about love …

Keeping Love inside
Is denying who you are

Meeting “to Love” is killing
for who you think you are.

When we have seen the illusion for what it is
We have died another death

We walk the pathless path
to the goalless goal

Darkness can no longer survive
when Light appears

The last of all stories:
I am …


Passing on Light is
Living Light

Loving me
Is loving you
Loving you
Is loving me


Surrender comes
when you are no longer there
to surrender …

Freedom is
not to be special any longer

Every moment
I die further
into Stillness

Listening is listening
when you listen
with the place
that Knows …

Is there life after death?
Is there life before birth?
Two questions, one answer.

I am the way to my pain
I am the way to my heart

How can I
find me
when I am
not there …not there

The wind
is the heart
of the trees

Every breath
Every tear
Every laugh
Every step
Every moment
I am you

No words
No thoughts
No self

truth comes
in an
uninterpreted moment

Darkness is there by the grace of Light
Light is there by the grace of darkness

What is it that remains
when all the words are understood,
when all the stories have disappeared?

Show me the wind and you will see you.

Friend and enemy
only tell you
your story …

Abundance is always there
In what lies beyond the bounderies


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