There comes a time
when outer teachers are no more needed.
Your inner teacher takes over
And there is a sweet ongoing mantra or satsang or prayer taking over.
And sometimes there can be a desire to meet with an outer teacher again.
You go and you find that you yourself were the teacher all allong.
This theacher unfolds more and more in the stillness of your heart.
Once you get familiar with its song,
you recognize it everywhere;
even in the midst of the deepest depression.
It sings and never stops.
You are the song, the singer and the singing…

Speaking Truth

Sometimes, when we ask someone a question, they get furious. They act out, like: “As if you didn’t know that”, “You should know by now”, “Why do you ask this question?”, “You know why I will not answer it”.

When we ask a question, the other one may answer or not answer. When people ask us a question, we answer or don’t answer.

What happens inside of us, when we don’t answer? Could it be that we don’t want to hear the answer ourselves? Could it be that we believe that the other don’t deserve to get an answer from us? Could it be that we are afraid that the other one disapproves of the answer?

Could it be that we need some more time to listen in silence to hear the answer?

“I hear what you ask, and I need some time to go inside and find what comes to mind. Please ask me again later”.

Most of the time that is the case. I am not talking about: “What are we having for breakfast”, although it might apply to that also…

When someone asks a question
and we receive it
in the silence of our heart
the heart will answer
with the silence of
the speaking truth …

Letter to Ramesh

July 30, 2008


Dearest Ramesh, dearest I Am,


You are closer to my heart than my own breath.


Your words come to me from the Source we all are


Your silence is so endless that I have just a notion of the depths


Your love touches every cell each time I breathe


Your compassion floods my body and the universe with the brightest light.


When I experience the listening and the reading I experience me.


When I experience the silence and the wisdom, I experience me.


You touched me in every way I can think of.


You have blessed me truly.



Yours truly,




When words are no more needed
and all the words are silence

When searching’s no more needed
and searching is the finding

When talking ‘s no more needed
and talking is the listening

Then everything rejoices
in deep and new found silence

And in your heart there is 
the moving sound
of ever present
silent bursting joy …