There are an infinite number of
questions, answers, possibilities, solutions

Identification with one
means excluding all others

Excluding all others
means limiting yourself

Limiting yourself
means hurting yourself

You are without limits;
that is why living anything else
hurts like hell …

One thought on “Infinite

  1. Hello, did you make the verdon canal blog? I found a tunnel on the ancien canal du verdon. It#s open, long – around 400 meters, and 9 foot tall!. Crazy! just hidden in some bushes by a road side.

    I was hoping there would be some information about the canal online but have not found much. I am planning to create a rough map of the whole canal including its tunnels etc. I also wish to explore the canal in the area around my town. I have read there is a 5km section of tunnel under ginasservis!

    anyway, I plan to continue my exploration over the next month before the greenery grows in spring. Your blog on the canal contains a lot of information so its a good start

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