one name
one word
for all multiplicity and diversity
of all creation

no I and the world
no you and me
just one radiant experience
of all creation

one name
one word
for all creation …

Daily bread


When you eat
your daily bread
What do you do
after you have swallowed it?

Do you turn your oesophagus on?
Do you command your stomach to do its job?
Do you convince your pancreas to make enzymes?

What if all the words you hear ..
What if all the thoughts that come to mind ..
What if the whole world you perceive ..

Is just that:
Daily bread

You take it in
and it does
what it has to do

somewhere in you ..

And when action arises,
you will notice that

And you will act or not

And when silence arises,
you will notice that

And truth
And love
And trust
And …

Daily bread:
take it in and leave the rest to God …



Everything brought you here
reading this
sitting in this chair
with these feet on the ground
living on this planet
hearing the rain
feeling the wind
seeing the stars
having this body

You can’t be different
than you are right now

You can’t be anywhere else
than here in this place

You can’t have different worries
than you have right now

You can’t have different joy
than you have right now

You did everything right
You never made a mistake

If God is everything
and God makes no mistakes
then you are Good
then you are God …