Feeling the wind,
Hearing the rain,
Seeing the sun,
Tasting the wine,
Smelling the fire

I am the feeling and the wind
I am the hearing and the rain
I am the seeing and the sun
I am the tasting and the wine
I am the smelling and the fire

I am resistence and surrender
I am suffering and joy
I am fear and love

I am nothing and everything
I am me and you
I Am …

New Year

More like You in the New Year

New Year

Did you ever wonder
why Truth feels more like you?

Did you ever wonder
why Beauty feels more like you?

Did you ever wonder
why Compassion feels more like you?

I invite you
to sit with these questions
and be still

There comes a moment
when Truth, Beauty and Compassion
will let you know
that You are That …

Speaking Truth

Sometimes, when we ask someone a question, they get furious. They act out, like: “As if you didn’t know that”, “You should know by now”, “Why do you ask this question?”, “You know why I will not answer it”.

When we ask a question, the other one may answer or not answer. When people ask us a question, we answer or don’t answer.

What happens inside of us, when we don’t answer? Could it be that we don’t want to hear the answer ourselves? Could it be that we believe that the other don’t deserve to get an answer from us? Could it be that we are afraid that the other one disapproves of the answer?

Could it be that we need some more time to listen in silence to hear the answer?

“I hear what you ask, and I need some time to go inside and find what comes to mind. Please ask me again later”.

Most of the time that is the case. I am not talking about: “What are we having for breakfast”, although it might apply to that also…

When someone asks a question
and we receive it
in the silence of our heart
the heart will answer
with the silence of
the speaking truth …

Be still …

Be still

Be still and ponder
and light the little candle

Be still and ask
the profound ultimate question

What in this world
is undeniable true?

What is no subject
to interpretation?

What is not
an association, memory, perception?

What is not
what you were told over the years?

What is not
what you were lead to believe?

It is the
ever present
I Am …