The more diseases we discover
The more pathogens we find
The more we come to realize
That the body will die

The desire to be immortal
The desire to live a long life
The desire for health
Originate from the intuitive feeling
That there is some”thing” in us
That is immortal

This some”thing” is not a thing
It has no qualities you can perceive
It is always present and aware
It never leaves you

What is the “thing” that is always there?
What was there when you were
a child
a teenager
a grown up
a senior

When you were
happy or sad
sick or healthy
stressed or relaxed?

The “I” was and is always there
And you can call “Me”
The Great Unknown

I have no name
I have no form
and yet
I have all names
I have all forms

And I
the Love
Life …

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