When we decide
what our destination is
could we be wrong?
Who is deciding?
What is a destination?

When we stop and feel
what the inner guide tells us
about a direction we can take,

Can we then feel the aliveness,
the unexpectednesss, the unknown,
the adventure, the spontaneity,
the openess, the playfulness?

Expectation of an outcome
is wanting the outcome to happen.

To take one step
in a direction
makes that step
the most important thing
there is
in our life

And then we feel
that the journey of life
is just
step …

Manifesto for you

What I want to create with me and you and in me and you is a space where there is no male or female, where there is being conscious of the deeper inner dimension we all carry, a space where there is a safe and loving space where we can look at our conditioning, a place where tears can cleanse our cheeks and heal the wounds, a place where all is welcomed and all is embraced, a place where we can finally come home …


If I don’t judge
I can not see the world
Every word I use
is a judgment

We were taught
that we should not judge
And what are we doing all day long?
Right, judging.

In spiritual circles
they tell us
that you don’t judge anymore
when you are ‘spiritual mature enough’

And what do we do?
Right, we judge.

Who is judging what is spiritual and what is not?
Is not-judging of a higher spiritual order than judging?

When you yourself ‘don’t judge anymore’
then how would you know that ‘the other one still judges’?

Every judgment is God, Consciousness
disguised as judgment
helping you to see You

So wonderful that I judge
So wonderful that you judge
and that we use and investigate
and don’t believe those judgments any more …

Word or World?

When there is a word
there is a world

No words, no world

When there is the I
there is a world:
the I experiencing the world

No I, no world

The world comes and goes
Everything that comes and goes
is not real

What is real, is what doesn’t come or go
What is it that doesn’t come or go?

When you have found the answer in you
you have found You …


Where there is space, there is love. No space, no love. Where there is freedom, there is love: freedom from all conditioning, old mind patterns, beliefs in whatever words or authority. Are you willing to investigate ALL beliefs? Are you willing to investigate ALL stories you have about other persons, situations, objects? Without the willingness to shine the brightest light on the conditioning in you, what you call “freedom” , is the prison of your conditioning. You may think you are free. That freedom is limited by the four walls of the conditioning: the wall of what you learned, the wall of what you heard, the wall of what you saw and the wall of what you believe. Yes, you can paint the wall of the prison and make the prison more comfortable. You can make the prison so cozy that there is no reason what so ever to see that there is a prison. The prison is now hidden behind all things that give you pleasure: new furniture, a better job, more money, beautiful vacations, nice cloths, movies.

When willingness comes and ‘awakening’ begins, there is a wave going through you. It then may seem as if a veil has been lifted and you see, or rather feel what was present, all the time, deep in you. Then you know that what you did was not who you are. You knew that joy could not be found in better, faster, higher, further. That passes: better is relative, just like further, faster and higher. There is always someone who beats what you did or what you have, after a short period. When willingness has come and you see clearly that you are actually within the walls of the prison of your conditioning, the walls will start falling. There will be wholes and cracks. Bricks will fall down.  And through the holes, you will start to see that there is a world outside the walls of the prison. The wind comes in, the sun and rain. You feel the warmth and the cold. And it feels a little bit strange. The space outside is so vast, that it frightens and attracts you immensly at the same time. The space in you and in the prison connect with the space outside and you notice, deep in you, that you are that space, that vastness. How can you be anything else than space?

Investigating your conditioned mind, with all the openess there is asking you every question, is a sign that willingness has come to you. She shows you, so full of love, softly and full of compassion,, that walls that are built, can crumble down. Willingness comes to you when the time has come. And that time is always: now …

Old and New

What a joy
that I did precisely
what I had to do
in the “Old Year”

What a joy
that you did precisely
what you had to do
in the “Old Year”

What peace
that I will do precisely
what I have to do
in the “New Year”.

What peace
that you will do precisely
what you have to do
in the “New Year”.

May joy and peace
be with you
always …



Do you believe every thought that arises?
Do you believe every story you are told?

When someone tells you something
Do you go inside and ask yourself
if you can absolutely know that that is true for you?

Just believing a thought, a story,
because someone tells you to do so
Just believing statements and words

because they give you some hope for the future
Leads you into confusion and suffering
Leads you away from you

And don’t believe anything I write
Ask yourself and find the answer in you …

Love yourself?

Love yourself?

How can you love yourself?
How do you do that?
How can you not love yourself?

When did you hear that you should love yourself?
Who told you that you should love yourself?
When did you start to believe that you should love yourself?

When you believe you have to love yourself
there is two: you and yourself, subject and object.
Who is the ‘you’ and who is the ‘yourself’?

When you are drowned in the absolute truth
That there is nothing outside of you
That everything, including you, is in you

Then you don’t have to love yourself anymore
Then you and yourself have merged into one
And you are You …

Be still …

Be still

Be still and ponder
and light the little candle

Be still and ask
the profound ultimate question

What in this world
is undeniable true?

What is no subject
to interpretation?

What is not
an association, memory, perception?

What is not
what you were told over the years?

What is not
what you were lead to believe?

It is the
ever present
I Am …