Nothing happens to me
nothing ever happened to me
nothing will ever happen to me

All that is happening
is happening, has happened and will happen
to the body-mind mechanism
with a name, a sexe, a bankaccount, and so on

That ultimate understanding
gives peace and joy and rest …



They come so unexpected
the tears and the emotions

You thought they were long gone
and never would come back

And here they come and let you feel
that they are only love
disguised as

So that is what they are
love disguised as
whatever love’s form is …



… that it is the nothingness, born out of trust, which the horses follow …

always present
sometimes burried
under blinding somethingness

always present
sometimes burried
under deafening fullness

Born from nothingness and emptiness
you walk your way
over mountains and through valleys
to find you again
where you never left
in nothingness and emptiness …

Thank you

Thank you Östergötland

To say thank you to someone, for whatever reason, can be difficult sometimes. Saying thank you, and letting the energy of it sink deeply in you, can be an enormous event.

Thank you makes you modest and humble in the positive sense of those words. Thank you goes beyond ego. Thank you, spoken in soft and deep connection with yourself, lets openess surface. The sensation of thank you is this openess. And this openess, connection, love, truth, is what you feel in the body. And that is who you are, in essence.

You are connection, love, openess, truth. You are that Thank you. Living anything but Thank you, hurts.

Thank you trees
thank you air, sun, clouds,
thank you insects, people,
thank you animals, plants, suns,
thank you birth and death
thank you Thank you …


Naked, Guru

“Your outer Guru is just a milestone; it is your inner Guru who will walk with you to the goal, for he is the goal”.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

I write
what you already know

You read
the words that live in you
since the beginning

I didn’t come to teach you

The writing and the reading
happen at the same time

The writer is the reader
The reader is the writer

Happening at the same time
in You …



All thoughts
recycled in an endless stream
tell me the same old stories
I know for such a long time

I look at at all these friends
and when I ask them to go back
to their original origin
they go and go and go

And when they go
the light breaks through
and I can see the precious gift
inside, no longer covered …