Old and New

What a joy
that I did precisely
what I had to do
in the “Old Year”

What a joy
that you did precisely
what you had to do
in the “Old Year”

What peace
that I will do precisely
what I have to do
in the “New Year”.

What peace
that you will do precisely
what you have to do
in the “New Year”.

May joy and peace
be with you
always …



When words are no more needed
and all the words are silence

When searching’s no more needed
and searching is the finding

When talking ‘s no more needed
and talking is the listening

Then everything rejoices
in deep and new found silence

And in your heart there is 
the moving sound
of ever present
silent bursting joy …



If life is holy
And death is helly
How would it be for us
When nothing ever dies?

How would it be for us
If death is holy too
How would that be for you?

Would death be there in joy
Like life is there in joy
Would you be free of fear
That death you sometimes brings?

Could death be life as well
And birth also be dying
And you for ever being
From which all’s ever born …



Everything brought you here
reading this
sitting in this chair
with these feet on the ground
living on this planet
hearing the rain
feeling the wind
seeing the stars
having this body

You can’t be different
than you are right now

You can’t be anywhere else
than here in this place

You can’t have different worries
than you have right now

You can’t have different joy
than you have right now

You did everything right
You never made a mistake

If God is everything
and God makes no mistakes
then you are Good
then you are God …