What if God is one of us?

What if God is the good guy,
the bad guy, the stone, the dog?

What if God is what you like,
don’t like, project unto others?

What if God is what you see, hear,
smell, sense, feel and taste?

What if God is the earth, the sun,
the moon, the universe and beyond?

What if God is everything that comes,
woven in the fabric of your destiny?

What if God is you and me,
and all the others?

What if God is everything
including me, and everything in me?

Be still and Know I Am God …


When there is no “I” who listens
there is no “I” who reacts
Then there is only: listening

What a precious enormous gift
to the other
to yourself

Deep listening is the kind of listening that can help relieve the suffering of another person. You can call it compassionate listening. You listen with only one purpose: to help him or her to empty his heart. Even if he says things that are full of wrong perceptions, full of bitterness, you are still capable of continuing to listen with compassion. Because you know that listening like that, you give that person a chance to suffer less. If you want to help him to correct his perception, you wait for another time. For now, you don’t interrupt. You don’t argue. If you do, he loses his chance. You just listen with compassion and help him to suffer less. One hour like that can bring transformation and healing.

~Thich Nhat Hanh


It is natural to love, to speak the truth, to be honest, to be still, to be in connection, to be in nature.

It is natural to be willing to meet everything and face what is in front of you.

It is natural to know your true nature, to live in That and out of That what you really are.

Living something else than love, truth, integrity, honesty, silence, connection, nature, hurts.

I meet you where you are, carefully take you by the hand and lead you gently, almost without you noticing, to what lies waiting in you:
your true nature

And then suddenly you find
that you, the Light in you,
guided you to You.

What an inexpressible blessing …



They come so unexpected
the tears and the emotions

You thought they were long gone
and never would come back

And here they come and let you feel
that they are only love
disguised as

So that is what they are
love disguised as
whatever love’s form is …




… that it is the nothingness, born out of trust, which the horses follow …

always present
sometimes burried
under blinding somethingness

always present
sometimes burried
under deafening fullness

Born from nothingness and emptiness
you walk your way
over mountains and through valleys
to find you again
where you never left
in nothingness and emptiness …



All thoughts
recycled in an endless stream
tell me the same old stories
I know for such a long time

I look at at all these friends
and when I ask them to go back
to their original origin
they go and go and go

And when they go
the light breaks through
and I can see the precious gift
inside, no longer covered …