It is natural to love, to speak the truth, to be honest, to be still, to be in connection, to be in nature.

It is natural to be willing to meet everything and face what is in front of you.

It is natural to know your true nature, to live in That and out of That what you really are.

Living something else than love, truth, integrity, honesty, silence, connection, nature, hurts.

I meet you where you are, carefully take you by the hand and lead you gently, almost without you noticing, to what lies waiting in you:
your true nature

And then suddenly you find
that you, the Light in you,
guided you to You.

What an inexpressible blessing …

2 thoughts on “Natural

  1. Beautiful piece thx Christine! I so enjoy your writing… It calms & reassures & leads me back to That! Thank you for sharing…. xxx

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