Nothing happens to me
nothing ever happened to me
nothing will ever happen to me

All that is happening
is happening, has happened and will happen
to the body-mind mechanism
with a name, a sexe, a bankaccount, and so on

That ultimate understanding
gives peace and joy and rest …

Thank you

Thank you Östergötland

To say thank you to someone, for whatever reason, can be difficult sometimes. Saying thank you, and letting the energy of it sink deeply in you, can be an enormous event.

Thank you makes you modest and humble in the positive sense of those words. Thank you goes beyond ego. Thank you, spoken in soft and deep connection with yourself, lets openess surface. The sensation of thank you is this openess. And this openess, connection, love, truth, is what you feel in the body. And that is who you are, in essence.

You are connection, love, openess, truth. You are that Thank you. Living anything but Thank you, hurts.

Thank you trees
thank you air, sun, clouds,
thank you insects, people,
thank you animals, plants, suns,
thank you birth and death
thank you Thank you …

Love yourself?

Love yourself?

How can you love yourself?
How do you do that?
How can you not love yourself?

When did you hear that you should love yourself?
Who told you that you should love yourself?
When did you start to believe that you should love yourself?

When you believe you have to love yourself
there is two: you and yourself, subject and object.
Who is the ‘you’ and who is the ‘yourself’?

When you are drowned in the absolute truth
That there is nothing outside of you
That everything, including you, is in you

Then you don’t have to love yourself anymore
Then you and yourself have merged into one
And you are You …

Letter to Ramesh

July 30, 2008


Dearest Ramesh, dearest I Am,


You are closer to my heart than my own breath.


Your words come to me from the Source we all are


Your silence is so endless that I have just a notion of the depths


Your love touches every cell each time I breathe


Your compassion floods my body and the universe with the brightest light.


When I experience the listening and the reading I experience me.


When I experience the silence and the wisdom, I experience me.


You touched me in every way I can think of.


You have blessed me truly.



Yours truly,




You never ever hurt me
Although I did believe that
What I told me about you
That hurt-ed so intense

Now finally all my stories
Returned to where they came from
And warm light winds start whispering
The new ones in my ears

Soft rains fall now upon me
And cherish and caress me
And new words gentle land
In open fertile soil …



The seeds that look like words
put down in you so gently

Are waiting for the wind and clouds,
the snow, the hail and frost.

The shell is hard and takes its time
and waits for what’s in store

and suddenly there bursts
what was concealed inside

and that will find its way
in your infinity …