When I have left this body
and fly towards the stars
I just look back one moment
to what has dissapeared

When I dissolve in That
and am what always was
what never ever started
and never came to end

See me in the all clouds
that chase along the sky
Feel me in sparkling rain
that softly falls upon you

Hear me in rustling trees
that whisper in your ear
And listen to the wind
that blows your cobwebs out

What you are, I am too
and what I Am, you are
Connected in the One
that never can be named …



You never ever hurt me
Although I did believe that
What I told me about you
That hurt-ed so intense

Now finally all my stories
Returned to where they came from
And warm light winds start whispering
The new ones in my ears

Soft rains fall now upon me
And cherish and caress me
And new words gentle land
In open fertile soil …



The ground to carry you
The air to breathe
Sound to hear
Light to see
Smell to smell
All there for you …

Darkness to surround you
The candle burning for you
The bread you eat
The water you drink
The warmth you feel
All there for you …

The stars at the sky
The moon shining for you
The clouds drifting
The rain on your hair
The wind in your face
All there for you …

All is there for you alone, now, always …

for all the days
For you
alone …



When clouds asided
In that dark night
And thousand stars appeared
I held you and I felt
The tears pour out of you

The ground on which we sat
Received all dripping tears
And went on with the whisper
That woodsoil’s meant for that

When clouds appeared again
And rain began to fall
The tears were every raindrop
And raindrops every tear …



Walking through the dripping forest, abandonned by people, I walked my way. Raindrops on my hair, silent noice of rain falling upon the leaves, putting one foot in front of the other and some old friends payed me a visit.

The forestpath was filled with thoughts, old familiar thoughts, from long ago, my old familiar friends.

 “I am not good enough”, kissed me tenderly and disappeared into the rain.
“It is not there for me”, came  to me, with hesitation, looked at me, a little shy and dissolved in the wind.
“Nobody loves me”, looked at me, so penetrative, lovingly; she was with me for so many years. It was hard for her to go. Slowly she turned around, looked upon me for the last time and merged with the air.

I stood and saw them go, tears in my eyes. They were so familiar to me; they had given me so much. It was time for them to go. Silence came upon me. I put down my backpack and sat on the moss. One by one they passed, the people who helped me say goodbye to these old friends. Deep gratitude came over me for them, who helped me and still do.

At home, dry clothes, tea, woodstove on, I still feel the gentleness of the rain, the forestpath and the forest. The forest that is my home, that cherishes me, gives me my answers. The forest that is there, unmovable. The forest that I am.