For Sam

Poem for Sam, my little puppydog, died on May 5th.

 The stones that were layed out
for me by the deep sea
They softly form the forms
that need to be there now

Untill the sea will take
what no one ever had
Like we will ever go
to where we never were

Goodbye my little Sam
goodbye my little flash
you came as rustlewind
And went as dapplewaves

The sea takes all your forms
to caring deepest depths
like you take me still with you
to where no depth exist …

for Sam




Away now are the tears
that lived inside my heart
The wind took all the stories
And sometimes comes a little breeze
And brings them back again

The deep unmovability
In wich I live and am
Let waves wave up above
And deep still silence be

This deep and silent water
is what I am made of
It is the same still water
as tear and wave and wave and tear …