Do you believe every thought that arises?
Do you believe every story you are told?

When someone tells you something
Do you go inside and ask yourself
if you can absolutely know that that is true for you?

Just believing a thought, a story,
because someone tells you to do so
Just believing statements and words

because they give you some hope for the future
Leads you into confusion and suffering
Leads you away from you

And don’t believe anything I write
Ask yourself and find the answer in you …



You never ever hurt me
Although I did believe that
What I told me about you
That hurt-ed so intense

Now finally all my stories
Returned to where they came from
And warm light winds start whispering
The new ones in my ears

Soft rains fall now upon me
And cherish and caress me
And new words gentle land
In open fertile soil …



Lost in the maze of illusions and dead-end alleys.
we stretch out our hands as blindfolded eyes.

Feeling touching we keep bumping into the same walls
not knowing that the blindfold is within ourselves.

On a day, when the knot unties,
staying foot behind a thorn bush,
we blink and we see
that there are no walls …



Product of genes and conditioning,
We do what we must do.

When conscious of what we do,
we: product of genes and conditioning,
light twinkles in from deep, deepdown.

Light throws herself upon us, on what we do and
shows us in the end
that Light is what we are.

And in that Light all what we did
was the best we ever could,
then, without the Light.

The Light shows us so tenderly
that we are innocent …



‘More’ is now all around us
In shops and in ourselves
What do you think you get
With more and more and more?

What do you search in ‘more’
That never can be found?
What does ‘more’ give you now
That finally will leave you?

When ‘less’ will meet you out there
And looks at you and holds you
Then it could just be so,
That ‘more’ no longer lasts …