Product of genes and conditioning,
We do what we must do.

When conscious of what we do,
we: product of genes and conditioning,
light twinkles in from deep, deepdown.

Light throws herself upon us, on what we do and
shows us in the end
that Light is what we are.

And in that Light all what we did
was the best we ever could,
then, without the Light.

The Light shows us so tenderly
that we are innocent …



If you forgive someone, who forgives who?
If you forgive someone for something, what do you forgive the otherone for?

What is forgiving?
And when you forgive someone, what happens precisely?

If you believe that the other could have done differently than he did,
could have been different than he was,
could have known better than he knew,
could have been more conscious than he was,
then you believe that you know, beyond any doubt, that the other in those circumstances, in that moment,
could and should have done differently and could and should have been different than he was.

If you realize that the other did the best he could,
was who he was,
knew what he knew,
was as conscious as he could be,
then you know, deep in you, that the other did precisely what he could do at that moment in those circumstances.

If you realize that for yourself, you don’t have to forgive.

Then compassion comes on her soft feet, enters your heart and love flows unconditionally …