Pain is the fuel for the painbody, that resides in human bodies.
The painbody can not help to feed on pain: more pain is a growing painbody.

When the painbody can not feed on pain any more, it will die.
When it dies, who you really are can emerge.

Think about this
when you feel the painbody in you rising;
When you feel the painbody in the people around you:
children, partner, parents ….
Do not act out
Be still and go in
and find
Yourself …



New Year’s Eve


When ‘wanting’ becomes Being
When ‘resisting’ becomes Peace

When ‘expecting’ becomes Surrender
When ‘knowing’ becomes Wisdom

When ‘judging’ becomes Watching
When ‘thinking’ becomes Stillness

Then you know
Grace has found you
and brought you
Home …