The moth and the flame

The sun has set at the horizon. No wind.
The candle lit and nocturnal noises come from evening distance
The stars appear, one by one
Breathing in, breathing out
Hands resting, watching

Moths circle the candle light
Closer, closer they come
irresistable drawn to the light.

A little crackle
and then the flame burns quietly again
not affected by what happened.

When has the moth become the flame?
When has the flame become the moth?
The moth in the flame is the flame.

We circle around the light that will burn us
The light will only burn the form
What never was born and never died
the Light that you are
Merges again
with the Light
that you were
will be …


There comes a time
when outer teachers are no more needed.
Your inner teacher takes over
And there is a sweet ongoing mantra or satsang or prayer taking over.
And sometimes there can be a desire to meet with an outer teacher again.
You go and you find that you yourself were the teacher all allong.
This theacher unfolds more and more in the stillness of your heart.
Once you get familiar with its song,
you recognize it everywhere;
even in the midst of the deepest depression.
It sings and never stops.
You are the song, the singer and the singing…


the wounds
are touched
by vibrant ripples
in a conversation

It feels like
and tears may drop
and in the heart
they drop on softness

It does not feel like trauma
it does feel more
like little kisses
caressing ancient scars
of what has been

It makes it easier
to feel the pain of them
who still have open wounds
and hurt and hurt and hurt

Come sit with me
and give your wounded heart
I will caress it
and will only leave
when time has come
for you
to leave …


Everyone of the seven billion in this world
believes that they are
the center of
the world
And in a sense
they all are

the center

The eye of an insect
consists of
innumerable facets

that give the insect
the view of
its world
Each facet is a part
of the one eye
of the one

You are the facet
of the One
of the centerless centre

which is You …

Conversation avec Dieu

Manifesto for you Luberon

Je crois en Dieu

Oui, et …?

Comment ça: oui, et …?

Que signifie: Je crois en Dieu?

Que je soutiens ce que Dieu nous a raconté

Quest-ce que Dieu nous a raconté?

Nous ne pouvons pas voler, tuer, divorcer: toutes ces choses comme-là

Et tout cela est-il en accord avec tout ce que tu ressens en toi?


Y-a-t’il quelque chose qui n’est pas en harmonie avec ce que tu ressens?

Au fond, non; sauf les choses que je ne comprends pas

Quoi par exemple?

Aime tes ennemis

Oui, c’est difficile a comprendre. Comment le comprends-tu?

C’est comme si je dois approuver tout ce qu’ils font

Crois-tu que ç’est cela la signification?

Je ne vois pas ce qu’elle pourrait être autrement

Trouves-tu que tout ce que Dieu fait est bon?

Oui, …. ou alors, au fond : non

Qu’est ce que tu ne trouves pas bien?

Il y a la faim, la mort, la peur, le meurtre

Et pourtant tu crois en Dieu?


Qu’est ce que tu trouves bien?

Il y a l’amour, la nature, le respect. Des choses comme ça

Y-aurait-il de l’amour, si tu ne connaissais pas la haine?


Y aurait-il ‘ami’ s’il n’y avait pas ‘ennemi’?


Y aurait-il le bien sans le mal?


Qui penses-tu être?

Je ne le sais pas encore. Qui es-tu?

Je suis Dieu,  comme toi