All thoughts
recycled in an endless stream
tell me the same old stories
I know for such a long time

I look at at all these friends
and when I ask them to go back
to their original origin
they go and go and go

And when they go
the light breaks through
and I can see the precious gift
inside, no longer covered …



Do you believe every thought that arises?
Do you believe every story you are told?

When someone tells you something
Do you go inside and ask yourself
if you can absolutely know that that is true for you?

Just believing a thought, a story,
because someone tells you to do so
Just believing statements and words

because they give you some hope for the future
Leads you into confusion and suffering
Leads you away from you

And don’t believe anything I write
Ask yourself and find the answer in you …

Love yourself?

Love yourself?

How can you love yourself?
How do you do that?
How can you not love yourself?

When did you hear that you should love yourself?
Who told you that you should love yourself?
When did you start to believe that you should love yourself?

When you believe you have to love yourself
there is two: you and yourself, subject and object.
Who is the ‘you’ and who is the ‘yourself’?

When you are drowned in the absolute truth
That there is nothing outside of you
That everything, including you, is in you

Then you don’t have to love yourself anymore
Then you and yourself have merged into one
And you are You …



‘Be still and know I am God’

As long as we believe the thought
that we are separated from God

As long as we believe the thought
that God is outside of us

As long as we believe the thought
that everything and everyone is outside of us

We feel alone, separated, sad, unhappy

Everything and everyone
can only be inside of us

Who sees, hears, senses?

Be still, go inside
and you will find in you
the answers you thought
you could only find outside

Blessings on your journey
the journey without distance
into yourself …

Be still …

Be still

Be still and ponder
and light the little candle

Be still and ask
the profound ultimate question

What in this world
is undeniable true?

What is no subject
to interpretation?

What is not
an association, memory, perception?

What is not
what you were told over the years?

What is not
what you were lead to believe?

It is the
ever present
I Am …



When you surrender to God, Universe, or whatever name you give the higher power you believe in,
What do you surrender?

What else is there to surrender to God
than your personal will?

Thy will be done
and that includes:
NOT my will be done

And in the end
there is nothing you can surrender
In the end
surrender will come
when the time is right …