Praying is discovering and seeing, in ourselves, that we are light, innocence, peace. Prayer mirrors to us that we are innocent, fragile, little, helpless. It enables us to connect with the innocence in ourselves, the fragility, the littleness, the helplessness. When we pray we briefly allow ourselves to kneel down, to be still, to be emptiness in the presence of the light that we are. When we pray we connect with our possibility to give and to receive.

The secret of praying is so small that it is so big. It is everything that is born in you, all the time. And sometimes it helps us to see that. Dear child, you are the Child and God and Love and Light and Truth, for ever … Amen …

2 thoughts on “Praying

  1. I really enjoyed this post it oozed warmth and sincerity, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

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