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Februari 12, 2013
A new coat for Wonderwalk!!! With search, subscribe and archives. Enjoy!!!

August 2011

Wonderwalk and Alessa and Helly conducted Levande Kvinnor Retreat in Ekenäs, Finland for four days. It was a changing, warm, loving and compassionate experience. Next year, we will do it again!!!

November 1 2010
The Circle of Presence will be held in Finland also on November 21! That will be amazing. Contact me for details.

July 9, 2010
Al lot can happen in 2 years. The little puppy dog Sam died after a life of 5 months. And into my life came Bruno, a Spanish resue dog and he is still with me. He is so much joy and presence. The living Guardian of Being.

Relationships came and went and I love that I had the opportunity to meet some very remarkable people.

And starting September 1st 2010, in my home there will be, twice a month: Circle of Presence. This will be a gathering where people can meet and share their infinite wisdom. I am so looking forward to this.

April 29, 2008
After finishing the Foundation Course I was invited to attend the Advanced Course of the Amichien Bonding method by Jan Fennell (www.janfennellthedoglistener.com). It is wonderful to connect with Sam this way. And it is amazing to hear all the stories people have around dogs and what they should or should not do. By applying the 4 key elements of the Amichien Bonding with Sam, I am calm so he can be calm, I am full of joy so he can be full of joy, I act as the alpha of the pact so he can be the member of the pact. It is wonderful to see how by almost staying away from your dog, your dog comes to you out of his own ‘free will’: he feels safe with the alpha so he comes. He gets fed by the alpha so he comes.

Sam is growing like crazy and enjoying his puppy life. And I enjoy watching his life unfold as I watch mine unfold.

Februari 4, 2008
On January 13th a little puppy-dog walked into my life: Sam. He is a Dutch Sheepdog (Nederlandse Schapendoes). He is 11 weeks now and does what all puppies do: eat, sleep, play and doing things we don’t want them to do :-)). He is the most perfect mirror for me and mirrors back all the little dark places that want to be seen and enlightened. And Sam? He is just doing his job: being a puppydog. And I love that.


December 27, 2007

Letter from Kondwani, Malawi, about how The Work is moving in Malawi

Dear Christine and Alessa,
First of let me express my sicerely love to you all, be blessed for what you have done to me. Your gifts is so wonderful that it will help to start moving things more especially this time when I am setting up things for the center. As I said in my previous emails to you that the center is on and I am not changing the plans. When everything is on I will start the registration. Thats consulting the people who can help me with the setting of the center, people like the lawyers, the constitution, the proposals and the like. Thank you Christine and Alessa for the passonate heart you are showing to  me.
Let me take this opportunity informing you that kt has offered me a scholarship again to attend the April school for the work in Los  Angelos this come April. I together with the women who failed to attend the last school will be flying to LA in April, this is my advantage because I will present my plans to Katie personally and Katie will love it. Katie is so thrilled that I am attending the school once again. There is also another women from Britain who promised me to help with the writing of the proposal she is also from the work family she attended the School in Germany 2005. Which means things have started working. I will do all the best to win Katie’s favour on the center. My I urge you to continue supporting the programme. I know that it is expensive to do that especially in a poor country like Malawi where everything depends on the availabilty of funds but you see, you have started shaking it out so it will be simple if you continue. I thank you for that. I am looking forward for your advices and all sorts of knowledge of this peaceful noble work of Moving the Work in Malawi.
I will keep intouch for any developments from my side.
Prosperous New Year to you all. May the coming new be a blessings to you and all your family and friends.
Love, Kondwani

November 20, 2007
Read about how Kondwani is doing The Work with people in Malawi. Click on this link.


November 3rd 2007
Last year I was in Malawi, Africa to take the first steps in realizing a center where practical help would be offered to the people of Malawi as well as sessions with The Work and other methods. Due to circumstances the first steps were not take then.

Now it seems the the center will be realized. The name will be: The Warm Heart Center and will be located in Blantyre, Malawi. Kondwani Prince Thindwa is taking the first steps on the long journey to manifest this project. Kondwani is a friend in Malawi who did The School for The Work in Germany in 2006. He lives in Blantyre.

People who want to contribute to this project or want more information, please contact me.

2 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. Dear Christine,

    I learnt of the work on Kondwani from one of Katie’s newletters or blog. I think that he is doing great work in Malawi and do believe that this could be duplicated all over Africa – so please keep on. Let me know how I could help or how I could get the pamphlets or booklets he is giving out so that I can distribute them here. I believe in the work though I am yet to systematically do it on myself. I do however remind myself to love what is as being just what is. Blessed be. David.

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