The journey, the step in the unknown,
cautious, pristine, anxious

The path, the street, the field,
known and unknown

The place, the bed, the table
for you to rest and eat

Then home, again,
as if you never left,
will put her arms around you
and whisper in your ear
that where on earth the heart is
the home is always there …

Wonderwalk one year

Little paradise 

I breathe the thoughts
that surface from my soul
and with surprise and still
I see what comes on screen

Out of the depths they come
on their soft feet, so light,
move cautiously the searching hands,
whisper words in hearing ears

I pass in gratitude
what no one ever owned,
what rustles there in every soul
when it is touched one day

The stream inside seems endless now
has no beginning, is still the same,
keeps whispering
until it stops …
perhaps …