How can you not do
what you are doing
in this moment?

How could you not do
what you did
in the past?

How did you learn
of what you did
in the past?

How does what you did
in the past
shape your future?

We do what we do. We fall and stand up and will probably do it differently the next time. Falling down is not bad and getting up is not good. Falling is falling and getting up is getting up. Falling can only exist because of getting up. Getting up only exists because of falling down.

You can not do only the getting up because then falling down would not exist. The one is there and the other is there. That is called: duality. This is not good or bad and that is not good or bad. Both are polarities on the line that binds them together. When does falling down becomes getting up? And when does getting up becomes falling down?

Form and emptiness, love and fear, presence and absence: the one exists thanks to the other and the other exists thanks to the one. Duality is like a song; sung for the One. The One that has no opposite. In That everything exists. And That has no name …

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