Guilt and shame

Guilt and shame 
My dear child, 
There never was a "me" to suffer the pain of life 
and all there has ever been is "I", the Source 
from which the manifestation has emerged, 
and it is "I" alone who has been functioning 
through the billions of human beings. 
Ramesh Balsekar in Confusion no more.

Shame and guilt originate from the same belief: I did something wrong. Or, to rephrase it: I shouldn’t have done that.

Ask yourself: “With the knowledge I had at that time, with the state of consciousness I had at that time, with my past, with my pain, did I do the best I could at that time?”

And when you walk with this question
And meet the forest and the trees
Stand still and look
Let the answer surface
And let the trees tell you
What you knew already
And then you wonder
About your own wisdom
Whole …

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