Ego or no-ego

Ego or no-ego

With the help of ego we can see a me and a you and we can differentiate between “me” and “you”. How wonderful. Now I can see the world. 

When you have the desire to “let go” of the ego, to “kill” the ego or whatever words you use to get rid of the ego, did you ever ask yourself: “Who created ego with what purpose and who wants to get rid of ego?”

When it is time, for Grace or God or the Evolutionary Impuls or whatever name you give that primal energy, then it can happen that your ego totally accepts that everything and everyone is always what it is and that everyone does what he does. 

And what will that give you? Just peace of mind. That’s all. That peace of mind will make you feel comfortable with yourself and everyone else.

What a wonderful world. What a wonderful manifestation. What a wonderful you and me …

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