2 thoughts on “God

  1. Yes and no…

    I’ve had a similar sense. Yet often when things get concrete, such as do I really like dog doo on my shoe as much as mud – well, honestly, no…

    If God is everything, God is still mighty variegated in terms of, for example, smells!

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for your comment. So you like dog doo less than mud. And yes God, who you can also call: everything/reality/consciousness/evolution/cosmic law/whatever, has created an immens variety of everything, just for the fun of it. So he created a so called you that likes dog doo less than mud. And you believe that you like dog doo less than mud. What a joke, what a perfect cosmic joke. Maybe universal intelligence places dog doo in front of you so you can step into it. Maybe universal intelligence is challenging you and me and evryone. Just for fun. Who knows. All I know is that for me God is everything; so God is also my likes and dislikes, because God created them too.Blessings to you

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