Sometimes it happens that Grace touches you. And suddenly you feel something pouring out of you. You call it joy, love, happiness, being in love. When the time is right, this flow can not be stopped anymore. Maybe it is a little less sometimes, but it keeps flowing.

When the time is not right, when your thought structure is too dense, the flow will stop. So it seems. Deep inside of you the stream will go on, steadily, ongoing.

You feel that as not being at ease, confusion, not knowing anything for sure anymore, wanting to return back to old patterns and habits, isolation and pain.

This flow, this stream inside of you is like lava in a volcano. Streams of lava that want to come out, cannot be stopped by you, no matter how hard you try. The more dense the wall of defense, the higher the pressure on the wall….

And, when the time and the circumstances are right, it happens. A look, a word, a gesture lets the volcano explode and the flow bursts out into the open.

Scared to death, so innocent and with immense freedom, you look at yourself in utmost wonder. You stand, walk your first steps and you begin your journey. With arms wide open and Grace as your heart, you embrace all the people.

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