Lifeforms, forms of life, that is what we call everything that is alive. What is being alive?

Every form you perceive in any way, is alive, so we think. The animal, the human, the flower, the stone, the thought, the emotion. How do you know that it is alive?

Is a dead tree dead? Is the wind dead when it is not blowing? Is the sun dead when it is not shining? Is the wave dead when the water is smooth like a mirror? Is a human dead when it has died?

We can not define life or define death. Where else do they exist, than in our mind, in our thinking? We think of life as good and of death as bad, as we think we know it.

The dead tree provides food, life, to billions of other organisms. Dead bodies are abundantly filled with other tiny little bodies. Dead flowers are food for new flowers.

Forms come and forms go. No form exists independently from all other forms. In that sense, every form is empty: empty of an individual, personal existence. In that sense, every form is full: full of the interconnectiveness with all other forms.

No form will live forever. At a given time the circumstances are that the form appears: the wave, the flower, the human, the thought, the emotion. And at a given time the circumstances are that the form disappears. In eternal movement.

Was there ever anything born? Did anything ever die? Or does it appear in the space that you are. And does it disappear out of the space that you are.

And could it be that the space that You are, is Life itself … … ?

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