Once you are on the slide to the depth in you, sometimes you experience some stopping in the glide. And you call it an obstacle. A bump, a ditch, a detour, a flat tire, a worn out shoe: very obvious.

There are also other obstacles: concotions, ghosts haunting from the past, fears of what lies ahead, attachment to the old and well known, attachment to the old pain, the old patterns: invisible most of the time.

Most of the time the invisible obstacles are nasty ones. You don’t know that they are there, until you feel inside yourself that there’s something not right.

And then it seems you have a choice: return and go the familiar road again, or, with soft hands opening the gift of it, look at it, embrace it and let it go back to where it came from.

You don’t know what you will choose when the time has come. The secret is that you don’t have to choose. It chooses you. The obstacle chooses you and the solution chooses you.

And sometimes there is someone with you, arms wide open, lovingly, who is there while you work your way through the obstacle.
Some people call it an angel
Maybe so
Maybe you are the angel
In the form of a human

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