Wanting is the most painful thought prison there is.

You want to have, you want the other to act/be differently, you want more/different/less for yourself, the world.
There is so much wanting; you want so much. 

In relationships wanting is the sniper, who does not kill the relationship, it kills You.

Wanting is the opposite of who you are, your true nature.
As soon as you step into “wanting”, you step out of You.

They even made a secret out of wanting:When you want something enough, it will happen.

Not knowing what you want,
Receiving with gratitude all that comes to you,
Welcoming everything that appears in front of you,
Is seeing Life for what it is in essence; what you are in essence:
Abundance, Gratitude, Love.

What can more aptly meet your needs than what you have right now?
What gifts can you see right now when you stop wanting?

Realizing for yourself that wanting itself is the obstacle,
Opens your heart for what was and is available, always.

Then whatever you always wanted comes to you without any effort …

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